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June 10, 2007
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SportMech by Nidaram SportMech by Nidaram
A little better than Jet-Alone, but not quite as mobile as an Eva. Current technology in a fancy shell :P
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Gato-de-Geral Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2010
I'm diggin, this one here. The color scheme is simple and fits well.
TheDeadlyKind Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2007
I like the concept of this, If we were to have mecha using artificial muscle structure, what could be better than to model it off of our own appendages. This also reminds me of the Gekkou, that you can see in the Metal Gear 4 trailers -- organic legs but with a tank like body structure.
dasAdam Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2007
very nice shading =)
this really IS a freaky funky fency shell ^^;
Nidaram Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
At first, I usually keep the colors simple to whatever shades the main body is in while I'm filling out and cleaning up the detail (this is after a quick sketch).

For example, on the last pink one I did, I'll do the body in light and dark values of pink, then do the grey in various values of black.

Then, I'll add the colored lighting, reflections, highlights, etc. With this one though, I already had the sky in place so as I was shading with grey I was pulling blue into it from the start.

Although it seems like alot of "master" artists do a bunch of black and white value studies first- for example, our man Syd Mead does tons of b/w sketches =p Maybe I should try that.
RyujinDX Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2007
Ok, thanks. I always have difficulties when I go straight to a color render.
RyujinDX Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2007
I was meaning to ask you this, Nidaram-- do you start out with grayscale, or do you immediately jump to color when rendering?
duo2nd Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2007
Special attack: Hypersonic Speed Attack! :sprint:
Nidaram Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Also dont even ask me what "IV" or "IL" means, I guess its like, the Adidas symbol, but not lol
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